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5 ways to Me time – Why it is so importent

With ME TIME I am referring to the time you use to spent on yourself to recharge.

Taking a little time for yourself refreshes and recharges your energy to deal with life. It allows you to think more clearly and make better decisions and can destress you.

We often feel that taking time out for ourselves is selfish. Society has been teaching us, that we must work hard to deserve health and happiness. We just put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect.

If you engage in something you enjoy during your time-out, you also have the satisfaction of reading that book, finishing that project, or writing that poem. But be careful that you use your “me” time for leisurely activities and don’t push yourself to complete anything. Simply enjoy the time out.

By prioritising Me Time, you will learn to just ‘be’ and to enjoy your own company. If you allow yourself quiet time, just for you, it can help you get to know yourself better. Taking “me” time also builds your self-esteem over time, as you come to realise that you are important and deserve to have a little time to yourself.

5 ways to schedule and enjoy Me time

It might seem easy to schedule a little “me” time, but often it isn’t. You must give yourself permission to take at least a half hour per day, even if it’s divided, just for yourself. If you have to, set the alarm, schedule it on the calendar, or put it on your “to-do” list for the day. Whatever you have to do, make it happen every day.

  1. Doing a hobby as a form of me time

    For example, you are in a very stressed up schedule today. Take time for at least an hour and spend it on your hobby. You will loosen up yourself, get relaxed, clear your mind which can help you to find answers to different questions of yours.You will feel at ease, calmed down and some hobbies  can even help you to increase your focus, to find your path to reach your goal. Hobbies can  also help you in improving your concentration and even sometimes patience to. They are excellent in improving knowledge too.

  2. Taking a long walk as a form of me time

    Probably the simplest and most cost-free solution to relaxation. Just get out there. Walk in rain,  or walk in the sun. Sometimes it’s nice to just go for a walk by yourself.

    When you go for a walk, it’s not about speed-walking, listening to loud music, or even trying to lose weight (can be, if that’s what truly relaxes you). It’s about mindfulness, listening to the sounds around us, and enjoying the sites of the journey. Breathe in the fresh air and really notice what’s going on in your environment.

  3. Get lost in a good book as a form of me time

    Books help you believe in a better world. They promote creativity and wit, and they are a healthy escape when times are tough. Books always love you, no matter what anyone says.

    One book can give you so many emotions and sometimes it is good to laugh and cry to clean the soul. Books definitely make you think and wonder and believe in magic, adventure and romance. A good book can make anything seem possible.

  4. Become one with Mother nature as a form of me time

    Scholars in fields including wilderness therapy and environmental psychology have shown that time outdoors benefits our lives in so many ways. It has many therapeutic effects, relieves stress and tension and restores most needed attention. Alone time in nature can have a calming effect on the mind because it occurs in beautiful, natural and inspirational settings. Even the smell can relief stress and calm the nerves

  5. Spend a night Pampering yourself as a form of me time

    When spending time alone, you tend to be selfish (don’t gt me wrong this is a good kind of selfish) So use this time to pamper yourself. There is   difference between spoiling and pampering yourself. Pamper yourself via taking the time out to give yourself a manicure or soaking your feet or giving your hair the treatment of  a lifetime. Relaxing  in the bath with candles and detox your body or just spend some precious time with your gorgeous face.

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