I spent most of my life as a yo-yo dieter and emotional eater. I thought I was alone until I realized that other ladies were struggling with this as well!

🙈And yes, I tried all the gimmicky fads and tricks, but you know what?

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING worked until I finally embraced my true worth and rewired my brain to allow myself to let go of that unhealthy weight and live in FREEDOM!

We are programmed from a little girl to be a certain picture, this princes with long blond hair and a tiny waist who smiles and wave, even if you are breaking inside.

Well, I say we are Warriors who can do anything and be anything we want to be. We just need that mindset and we need to believe in our self.




I do what I do because I know how hard it can be, and that you do not have to and cannot do it alone. To provide a safe and non-judgmental home for students that can empower them to become a Warrior, mind and body.

Current and Future Credentials

Mostly I coach With the heart. I take what I went through and the process I worked with and adapt it to each and every person.  My experience in what I have accomplished is what I install in my clients and club members.




AS per Industry standard I have completed my CPR and AED and am a Level 2 First aider. andI am proud to say I have done this through the First Aid  League 

I have completed  a National Certificate in Fitness through Physical IQ and working towards my Diploma and NASM



I am a qualified and licensed  Instructor in Strong by Zumba  and Belly Core Fitness. 

I have done a few  in-house trainings through Plannet Fitness SA   – Fit X , X- training, Core Express, Brazilian Booty Blast and 50 shades fitter.

I also have my Diploma in Ministry Through CFC  


I am currently doing my  Internationally Accredited Diploma in Weight Loss Diploma in fitness and nutrition. So will be adding them soon.

Our group is always expanding and researching So we can bring the best to our clients.