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6 Tips to getting a healthy mindset and changing it.

6 tips to getting a healthy mindset and changing it.

Watch the video or read it here. Or even better do both to let the concept of mindset really set in.


Healthy mindset

Good Morning Warrior.

I have reached a point in my life where I find it’s no longer necessary to try to impress anyone. If they like me the way I am, that’s good. If they don’t, it’s their loss.” And do you know why it is their loss, because the only person you need to in impress, yourself.

So today we work on getting a healthy mindset and changing it.

The following list can help you to develop the right mindset for your situation:


Try to find the very best information for your situation. We need to get to your core reason for being unhealthy and staying there. Then focus on learning this information only. In any worthwhile field there is more information available as needed, especially in the Internet. You have to narrow down the information input to the most effective. I personally believe that one of the critical personal skills today is not to find information, but to select the best information and avoid the rest.

The Good: Reading great books/information products and some great blogs. Everything else is a waste of time.

The Bad: Mostly not worth it are forums, getting books/information products without researching the field, 90% of blogs.

From my personal experience, those are usually things that support procrastination and information overload. The reason is that only a tiny fraction of the information out there is taking you really forward. You have to develop the skill of identifying this kind of information. We are talking about the right mindset here; part of it is not to get sucked into the mediocre area. You want to align yourself with the best out there.


Similar to #1 look for the best people that motivate you that has done what you want to do and try to model what they did right. Adopt their kind of thinking and mindset. Follow them. Of course, keep and only add what you think is right for you. That way you can actually improve and personalize their mindset to fit perfectly for you. It’s never copying; it’s taking what works for you by getting inspiration and quality input.

Now I realize that you can’t look into the minds of the best people in your field. But you can get plenty of information about how they are thinking, their advice, what they did. Reading biographies of people who inspire you is a great way to start.


Examine your mindset by looking at your current belief-system. Are these beliefs supporting you? Or are there self-limiting beliefs? You have to identify those possible blocks and turn them around. Because whether you know about limiting beliefs or not, they are working in your subconscious mind.

To uncover your beliefs ask yourself the right questions about where you want to go and what is standing in your way right now. The key then is to turn those beliefs around by declaring supportive statements on the same belief. To internalize these new supportive beliefs you can make use of affirmations.


A proactive approach to build your mindset is to clearly see where you want to go. Seeing a vision, images describing your end result clearly in your mind, will create a strong pull towards this end result. Then go on and break your vision into goals. It will shape your mindset to become conformed with your vision.

Learn and adapt from your own experience and always try to look deeper for the real reasons why you get the results you are getting.


One of the most beautiful things is when you find your very own way, something what you could call finding your voice. Stephen Covey wrote a book about that and called it The 8th Habit

To help you find this, answer these 4 questions.
1. What are you good at? That’s your mind.
2. What do you love doing? That’s your heart.
3. What need can you serve? That’s the body.
4. And finally, what is life asking of you? What gives your life meaning and purpose? What do you feel like you should be doing? In short, what is your conscience directing you to do? That is your spirit.


Your voice is what you express 100% authentically, it is the unique thing that you can add to the world, because you are who you are. A great way to success and to develop the success mindset. Looking to find what is really you and being critical about every input you get should be part of your mindset. Stay open and flexible in your mind. Don’t judge too soon. It gives you something unique and helps you to build integrity.


One thing you have to do is to protect your mindset against the naysayers and people who want to drag you down. You also have to protect it against bad information and against overload (see #1). Keeping your confidence is a big thing. So please stay on the right path, look to improve yourself and to help others along the way. You can’t go wrong with that.

Warrior Chantell

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