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Accountability Vlog


Keeping dairy with this accountability vlog. These videos are about my weight loss journey. Here you can see my transformation as it happens. I hope my story can be a weight loss motivation for everyone. And May be they can help you become healthy and change your lifestyle.

Let’s get healthy and active lifestyles.

Accountability plays a big role in any journey, in my case the weight loss. This is not an overnight success story and you will see brakes in the story and ups and downs but that is just how life is. I show good and bad. Success and failure.

There are even months in between post that brings change in everything I do.  So by placing it here I hope that it helps me keep myself more accountable.

Accountability means answering or accounting for your actions and results. So as a Future Personal trainer it is my responsibility to keep myself accountable and reach my goals so that I can be an example for my Fitness club and future clients.  This is my calling and my passion and I need to lead by example.

Why is accountability important?

Essentially, accountability keeps you consistent by having you report back to someone what you’re successfully–or unsuccessfully–doing with your diet and exercise regimen.

What makes accountability so powerful is that it doesn’t matter how little motivation you may have to do something.

If you know that there is someone, or multiple someone’s, expecting you to report back to them, you’ll get it done.

At its core, accountability creates consistency, and if you aren’t consistent, you’ll never reach your goals of losing fat and building a lean, healthy body.

So with all that said I hope that you will sub to my channel to get the latest accountability vlog and even if I don’t have “time” to edit or make the video fancy i will still post a weekly report

After all my new Moto in life is: ZERO EXCUSES.

Remember love your body as it is now. WHY? Coz it can only get better.


Update 2020 

Since posting this youtube has seen it fit to remove my videos and I have no idea as to why But I am keeping this post as it explains why Accountability is important.

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