#NotWithoutAFight Virtual obstacle Race

Awareness Campaign – PS Men can also participate.

#NotWithoutAFight A stance against Gender based violence and crime.

Mohfit is Teaming up with On Point Protection Skills International and Elvi.

Together we are fighting the fight against gender-based violence and crime.

Together we Empowering women with mental and physical skills that will not only be life-saving but also Easy and effective.

#NotWithoutAFight is an awareness campaign that we will not back down. 

Don’t wait till something happens to you or someone you know. The majority of attacks happen by surprise.

Protecting yourself from physical and emotional threats should become second nature.

We’ve seen online and peer to peer bullying, bullying at the workplace by colleagues or superiors, verbal threats, and violent attacks.  Females being targeted at shopping malls, girls being harassed at clubs and school functions. The list goes on and on.

  Prepping yourself mentally and physically is a must, as they do take a toll on your daily life going forward.

 #startsomewhere #startnow #SAWomenwarriors !

After getting your ticket you have one week to do your course.

Virtual means you have the freedom to do it anywhere you want.  Check that you adhere to Covid Regulations.

You have a choice of either Running or Skipping for the Cardio part and adding the Strenth obstacles in just where you feel it.

Depending on your distance it would be a good idea to split the cardio in between the Obstacles. (wink wink)

After completion, you will add a video or short clip to your social media with #NotWithoutAFight and tag us so we can see you did it.  Then you send through your Time to us and we send out your medals and add ons and your get added to the Hall of Fame

Facebook Tags 

@Mohfitclub  @Outheboxsolutions @OPPSinternational

Instagram tags 

@coach_Chantell @Larissa11botha_elvi @OnPointProtectionSkills 

Remember you are taking part in this Race at your own risk and neither Mohfit, Elvi, or OPPS international will be held reliable for any loss or damage, or injuries. 


The Junior. – not just for kids.

Run 1km or 1250 skip rope jumps

3 Rounds of Obstacles 

5 Burpees, 5 Sets walking lunges – 5 each leg, 5 Prisoner squats 5 Push-ups, 30s Plank

The Lightweight.

Run 5km or 6250 skip rope jumps

4 Rounds of Obstacles 

10 Burpees, 10 Sets walking lunges – 10 each leg, 10Prisoner squats 10 Push-ups, 30s Plank

The Heavyweight.

Run 10km or 12500 skip rope jumps

5 Rounds of Obstacles 

10 Burpees, 10 Sets walking lunges – 10 each leg, 10Prisoner squats 10 Push-ups, 30s Plank

WE will be launching How-to videos soon.

No other race will give you a medal that you can use in your everyday life. We teach our Workshop participants about EDC Everyday Carry and how to use them in all situations.

When it comes to multiple uses, you will be surprised at how handy this little medal of yours can be. 

As an extra reward you can tell the whole world you have completed this Race and at the same time spread awareness.

As you send through your Times and proof your name will be added here.

1.     70.61    Tasja du Plessis