Mohfit Warrior Free Membership – 8 weeks course

This membership allows you to enroll for the  Active 8 weeks to a new lifestyle – Beginners Caurse.

You will also be updated on any new programs and products and will be added to our News letter list.

Result driven exercise program with no excuses. Want to become active and get in toe routine. Here is a Program to start you off at home.

This free 8 weeks Exercise Course is ideal for people who want to get in to a routine  to start their active and healthy lifestyle.

Each week progresses onto the next week, as you get stronger your sessions get harder or longer.

To ensure that you get the results you looking for, additional Personalised  Coaching is available to guarantee results.

About this Program

Mohfit warrior Active 8 weeks program
Mohfit warrior Active 8 weeks program

This 8 week course was designed with the beginner in mind.  With minimum basic knowledge of what needs to be done, but just don’t know where to start.  A 5 day program ranging from 30min to 60 min a day. Consists of warm up, the workout and a post workout. Simple to do workouts that either builds on one another

This course was also designed so that it could fit into the Personal coaching that is provided by Coach Chantell on a different platform. You either here on her recommendation or  you came across this first. ( so do get into contact if you are serious about making a change)

The Videos was recorded in a home environment to show that there is no excuse to not do any form of exercise at all. As a Mom of 4 Chantell knows the daily struggle and knows what it takes to get into a active routine and to stay there.  She also has used every excuse in the book and has reached a place in her life where she has adapted the ZERO EXCUSES attitude and that is what she teaches in her fitness club and to everyone around her.  She knows the struggle she gets it and still She will help you get a solution.

Weather you do this course on your own or with Coaching there are a few rules you should be aware of.

  1. There is no shame in struggling. Something that is hard for you today WILL be easy in a few weeks
  2. The only competition is yourself. So pace yourself get the form right before you go for the numbers – 1 perfect one is 100% better then 5 done incorrect
  3. Your mindset is just as important as your nutrition and your workout. – grow to love yourself.
  4. You can not do this alone – Make sure your  pillars are strong and your support system is stable and positive
  5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help –  Everyone starts off by not knowing.

Mohfit Warrior Free

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