MOHfit bootcamp club is about changing your life, physically, mentally, and in some cases even spiritually. No matter who you are or your sex or race or even fitness level this is our safe place, come and take the first step to a healthier – active new you.

What separates us from the rest?

There really is no description for what we do. We take dance, aerobics, bootcamp, HITT , low impact and group trainings and roll them into one big fun session.

We use, tried and tested existing routines. We make our own from well researched information and we even try and incorporate some silliness into it.  It’s hard to explain,  you just have to experience it for yourself.

MOHfit  bootcamp focus

The club was started for a few reasons:

  1. For people who do not feel comfortable in a gym environment.
  2. MOHfit is for people who do Not want  expensive gym contracts but want to become more active.
  3. For people who want to belong to a group and feel at home.
  4. To have fun and do something that no one else is doing.

We have rules.

  1. NO judging – we support mind, body and soul.
  2. If you can’t keep up, just keep moving.
  3. Do what your body allows you and what feels comfortable for you.
  4. Keep improving.

Where? When? and Cost?

First session is free to try.

Address: 42 Broadway E, Valhalla, Centurion, 0185 (Valhalla tennis club across the Absa.)

MOHfit Mix

Tuesday   5pm to 5:45pm   Instructor Chantell

                     6pm to 6:45pm Instructors Acha and Jaylyn

Thursday  5pm to 5:45pm   Instructor Chantell and                                                                   Acha                                                                    6pm to 6:45pm Instructors Chantell and                                                                Jaylyn

  • 2 sessions R125  per month
  • Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday R150

Strong By Zumba

Wednesday  Strong 45             6pm to 6:45 pm                                                                            Instructor  Chantell

Saturday  Strong 30             7Am to 7:30 Am                                                                                 Instructor  Chantell

  • Monthly price R170 
Future Monday session is in the works 

All 4 Sessions R200 per month 

(please note Mohfit reserves the right to change cost at any given time)

Registration R100 – Includes body evaluation, goal setting.

  1. Exercise program as mentioned above per month payable in advance includes one weigh-in a month.
  2. Weight loss programme  – Basic depending on individual needs estimated from R1182.90 Gluten free from R1262.40
    1. Eating plan and Products
    2. Full month exercise sessions –  3 times mix per week  ( additional can be arranged)
    3. Weekly weigh-ins
    4.  Coaching
  3. Healthy breakfast program – 30 days from R1289.20 and Gluten free from  R1222.13
    1. Eating plan and Products
    2. Full month exercise sessions –  3 times mix per week  ( additional can be arranged)
    3. Bi-weekly weigh-inns
    4.  Coaching
  4. Personalise programs can also be discussed, depending on the outcome of the body evaluation.